What’s with the name?

The name of this website JESUS SLAVE was a result of reading Kyle Idleman’s book, Not A Fan.  In chapter 10, deny- a total surrender, he says this about signing up for slavery:

“When we accept the invitation to deny ourselves and follow Jesus, we become his slaves.  That’s a completely different way to look at slavery.  We think of slavery as something you’re forced into, but Jesus invites us to deny ourselves.  Why would anyone ever want to be a slave?  Actually, it was rare, but in the Old Testament we read of people who chose to be slaves.  They were called “Bond Slaves.”  These were people who were set free after being a slave for six years, but they decided they wanted to stay a slave.  Deuteronomy 15:16-17 explains, “But if your servant says to you, ‘I do not want to leave you, ‘ because he loves you and your family and is well off with you, then take an awl and push it through his ear lobe into the door, and he will become your servant for life.”  A bondslave is how many of the New Testament writers describe themselves.  They had willingly become slaves.  Luke chapter 1 tells us that when Mary is told that she would be giving birth to the Messiah, her response (recorded in verse 38) is, “I am the Lord’s servant.”  But the word is “bondslave.”  Choosing to become a bondslave was an act of complete self-denial.  A bondslave gave up all their rights to the Master.  He is agreeing to give up all his possessions to the master.  A slave couldn’t pick and choose what was part of the deal.  He couldn’t say, “I’m going to be a slave but I want to keep the car, and I need every other weekend off.  I need to have room with a view.”  It wasn’t a negotiation.  A bondslave would say, “Everything I have, everything I am, I sign over to you.”  That’s what Jesus was wanting from the rich young ruler.

But why would anyone ever choose to be a slave?  Who signs up for that?  Well did you notice in Deuteronomy 15 what the motivation is for someone to choose slavery?  Look at it again.  “But if your servant say to you, ‘I do not want to leave you,’ because he loves you and your family and is well off with you…..”  A slave realizes as crazy as it might seem to everyone else, as ridiculous as it might appear to those who don’t understand, he’s going to choose a life of slavery.  He loves his master and realizes that he’s better off as a slave.

So out of love we become a slave to Jesus.  When you finally surrender all that you have and all that you are you will discover the strangest thing.  It’s only be becoming a slave to Jesus that we every truly find freedom.

We think that by denying ourselves we will miss out, but just the opposite is true.”