Oct 17, 2012

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Would You Answer the Call?

Would You Answer the Call?

Today on my commute home from work my phone began to ring.  Work was crazy and I just needed to take a breather from life so I just left the call go to voicemail.  I knew if it was important, the person calling would leave a message and I could give them a call back at my convenience.  It made me think ……  “How many times has God called me and I didn’t answer it out of convenience?”  How many times didn’t I answer the call because it would interfere with ME time or strain a relationship?  I just have to constantly remind myself not to get too cozy if my little cookie cutter life because at any time God could call and if I am brave enough to answer it ….. it might not be something that is in my comfort zone.  One thing that I have learned from my interactions with God throughout my life, He likes to push your limits.  If I say, “God, I will do anything except ….”   Whenever I say something like that, I can almost guarantee that the “except” is what God is going to want you to do and He will ask you with a BIG smile on his face.  This is where faith comes in, you see our God can do anything and through Him we can do anything.  I just have to trust in Him and answer the call.

“For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope.” – Jeremiah 29:11

  1. I have to agree that the word “except” is a lightening rod for God to use in my life too. Every time I use it, I’m sure to be taken to the conviction woodshed in that area of my life. Although there is usually some pain involved, it almost always results in growth. I learn something and let go of something each time. I’m finding that this is part of the process of surrender. It’s not like in a war where you surrender once. This is a process that continues as God identifies areas in our lives that require further surrender. He wants 100% of us. He created us for a purpose, should we really expect him to ask anything less?

  2. I remember using a similar question in our Wednesday morning bible study some time ago. I was trying to make a point relating to the importance of reading God’s word everyday. I posed the question, “If you knew that God was going to call you every morning at 6 am, would you answer the call?” Most were willing to say that they would certainly answer God’s call. I suggested that he is calling – Holding up my bible. He’s calling each one of us to draw close to Him by reading His word.

  3. I have struggled with this my whole life. Could I really give up everything and follow in his footsteps? I was called twice. The physical feeling when the holy spirit came over me was unmistakably unique — frightening and intense. My chest felt as if it were going to explode — a circumcision of the heart, followed by uncontrollable weeping. I always wondered what it felt like, being saved, and here it was happening to me. I denied him that day. In the back of my mind there were still things I wanted to do, knowing full well they were sinful. I’m torn and racked with guilt. How do I overcome such selfishness when most things in my life are acquired and habit??

    • You have to surrender your life to God. Walk with Him, His son Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. Pray (on your knees) that you want to live your life for God and He will not disappoint you. You can’t do it alone (none of us can), that is the point….. Anything you try to do alone without God is destined to fail….

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