Mar 25, 2012

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Focus on Him

Focus on Him

As I discussed in a previous post , my family and I recently moved to Charleston SC.  Since we moved down, life has been quite busy.  I started a new job, met new friends, found a new church, etc, etc, etc.  Life is good, but one thing that is not is our current living arrangement as my wife, three daughters, and two large dogs are living in a small townhouse as we look for a house to purchase.  Since we want to get out of our current residence as quickly as possible, searching for our permanent house has become a priority.  Tonight we received news that we lost another bid on a house we were trying to purchase.  This is the third time this has happened in three weeks!  The first house wasn’t willing to budge on price, the inspection on the second house fell through due to a wood eating fungus !?!, and tonight we were out bid.  Tonight another thing happened . . . God got my attention!!  He made me realize that the house will come in its due time.  What I need to do is focus on Him.  This house search has become an obsession . . . and idol in its own right.  God does not want us to become distracted by things of this earth, but instead focus on things of a higher order.

It is time to put our housing efforts and my desires on the back burner and get back to into God’s kitchen to see what He’s been cooking up for us.  Sorry my Lord for being such a short-sighted man!  You have my attention back!!! Where to next?


“By wisdom a house is built, and by understanding it is established” – Proverbs 24:3

  1. A good example of “LET GO AND LET GOD”. This has helped me many times. I was always surprised the way the “situation” was handled- never what I expected and always better.

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