Feb 28, 2012

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Not a Fan | Chapter 11 Discussion

Not a Fan | Chapter 11 Discussion

Chapter 11

Take up your cross daily – an everyday death.

The section I love about this chapter is when Kyle talks about the father who is worried about his daughter marrying an atheist.  The concerned father asks the pastor to go chat with his future son-in-law.  After meeting with the paster, the atheist son-in-law sees the light and submits his life to Christ.  Eight months later the pastor gets a phone call from the ex-atheist son-in-law complaining about his father-in-law who thinks he has taken the who faith thing way too seriously.  That he was making irrational discussions and giving away all his hard earned money.

That is just it.  We say, “We love you Lord, we will do anything you ask Lord!!!” until it is going to cost us something.  A follower gets it.  He is willing to put God above all else.  If you are tithing to place a check a box . . . don’t bother . . . God doesn’t want or need your money, plus it will just make you mad that you are giving away all your money.  If you are a follower of Jesus, you have an understanding that it is not your money to begin with and you are just a steward of all that has been given to you.  Once you renew your mind in this manner, the Cross sets you free.  You want to give God what is His first, and the funny thing is you do it with a smile.  Like Kyle says, “In a twist of irony, we find that giving up our lives gives us the life we so desperately wanted all along.”


How do you die daily?

Why choose death of yourself?

General thoughts of Chapter 11?



  1. I thought it was funny how the author summed up the words of Jesus regarding his invitation to all of us – “Come and Die”

    Now there’s a slogan to build a church on – right? As I read more of the bible and specifically Jesus’s teachings, this is really what he’s saying. “Take up your cross daily and follow me.” A couple thoughts on this. It’s not a one time decision. I have to make a decision daily to follow Him. Additionally, I have to make a decision that I’m going to do so, no matter what that means (The taking up the cross part). I must be willing to go to the death for Him in order to follow Him. If I’m not, then is he really first in my life – or am I? We are to follow Him whether we feel like it or not (..in season and out of season.) Will he send us where we don’t want to go? My limited experience says yes. But will we still go or will we ignore the Holy Spirit’s whispers that prod us? To answer #1 above, I have to lay done my pride, dreams, goals and plans each and every day to “die daily.” The reason I believe this is a worthy endeavor is simply that I believe that true joy will only come from Jesus and I will only experience that relationship if I remove myself from the equation entirely. He is first and there is no second.

    While this may make some think, why would anyone decide to “come and die?” Please read and study the Word of God for yourself. If you are willing to let Him in, He will open your heart and mind to blessings you never thought existed. It is one of His promises and it is THE only way to go.

    • “If you are willing to let Him in, He will open your heart and mind to blessings you never thought existed. It is one of His promises and it is THE only way to go.”

      True Story

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