Nov 6, 2011

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Not A Fan | Chapter 5 Discussion

Not A Fan | Chapter 5 Discussion

Chapter 5 focuses in on the fact that some Christians have a pseudo relationship with Christ.  They say all the right things and sometimes do all the right things but they really do not have an intimate relationship with Jesus.  I enjoyed Chapter 5 and has been my favorite chapter thus far in the book.  Some questions to get the discussion started:

Are you more focused on outward appearances or inward submission?

Is your religious life more rule based or relationship based?

Do you know anyone that attended a Christian based school that were left with a bad tasted in their mouth from their experience?

Are you raising your children in Christ or the Church?  Please share examples.

  1. this is best chapter so far in my eyes! like author says…following Jesus comes from the inside out. rules and outward apperances don’t make the cut. I think once someone gets to that level of understanding (that to know God is to love God)that following ‘the rules’ aren’t that hard…or as hard as they can be by trying to do it on your own. the priest at my church is right on with this. he calls it conventional religiousity(basically acting like the pharisees). and it was hard for me at first to grasp what he was saying…cause it kinda went against (in a way) of how i interpreted things of past(following rules/laws only). he talks like the author….following Jesus is something out of love..from the heart. salvation is a gift…grace from God! so naturally i ask “then it doesn’t matter what we do or how we act?” and with a warm smile he responds…’if you’re in that place of love and knowledge of God…then you WON’T do those things’. to be honest, this ‘new way of thinking’ is still…well…new to me. i’m learning not to be hung up so much on all the rules and regulations, sins(as long as i’m making sincere effort to change) and to discover Jesus the way He wants me too. don’t misunderstand me, the laws of God are supreme…but if your heart is right, then they are much easier to follow, and maybe don’t seem like hard things at all. i’m not expressing what i mean very well, i’ll try to be clearer another time. again, really enjoyed this chapter

    • Yeah, I just figured out this myself over the past year. I used to be caught up in all the rules and regulations ex “Say 10 Our Fathers and do 20 jumping jacks and you will be forgiven” I would mindlessly say 10 Our Fathers and perform 20 jumping jacks and think I was good to go. Not how it works. The relationship with Jesus is all you need. Once you have established that and ,like you said truely trying to make things right in your life, all the others things that you are supposed to do will come naturally because the Holy Spirit lives within you.

    • Completely agree! It is so encouraging to hear the law and grace put into the right balance. I think your priest has a solid scriptual perspective and phrased perfectly the connection between the love we have for God and how that naturally manifests itself in our obedience. Thanks for sharing!!

  2. “For there is one God, and there is one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus” 1 Timothy 2:5

    Jesus is the only one that I need

    Put all of your faith in Christ and you will experience something like you have never felt before.

  3. I really liked this Chapter also. It did make me feel that I raised my children “in” the Church instead of Christ, sadly. I should have emphasized the relationship with Christ better. I feel I have always had that relationship & now I realize that not everyone does. I assumed that if you follow the rules you would be filled with the Holy Spirit and “He” would direct you in the right direction. Treat people the way you want to be treated is the simple “rule” I tried to impress on my Children and now Grandchildren. I have made many mistakes in my life hopefully I’ve learn from each one. I am so happy that you all “get it” now. I never realized you didn’t. Can you see now that the 10 Hail Marys were to make you realize that you sinned and to put your mind “in prayer” & get yourself right with God with true contrition? not some mumble jumble??? like I said before we have to put our money where our mouth is…walk the walk

    • you have walked the walk. you can talk the talk. the ‘mumble jumble’ you are referring to i assume means confession. of course it is legit! one of the beautiful things about God is that He knows the human psychological make up…..dahh! of course, if we pray to Him one on one…He will forgive us. BUT, alot of times, humans…NEED to HEAR…’you are forgiven’, to make it sink in! what foresite! all ties into the keys of the kingdom that was given to peter.

  4. I know I’m jumping in late on this one, but I’m really trying to get caught up. I wanted to briefly comment on the discussion question regarding outward appearance vs. inward submission. There used to be a phrase that was used quite often “Fake it, ’till you make it.” I used this whenever trying or learning something new. It was a way to excuse my poor performance or lack of understanding. In a lot of ways, this really applied to my spiritual live as well. (I think it sounds funny to distinguish between my spiritual life and “normal life”. Thank God there is a decreasing difference between the two today!) I asked Christ into my heart in Oct of 1994. That’s a little over 17 years ago. Sadly, for most of that time, I was faking it. Focusing on the outward appearance. The last two years its been all about the inward submission. It seems like the journey really didn’t get started until this changeover occurred. The bible clearly describes this submission as the key to becoming all that God created us to be. I guess I’m a slow learner, but never really understood this before. The funny thing is that I thought the first 15 years were interesting. I can’t wait to see how this wild ride goes. I’m not saying I’ve made it, but I’m no longer interested in faking it.

  5. Well explained chapter. Gives me moe insight about jesus.

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