Oct 21, 2011

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Not A Fan | Chapter 3 Discussion

Not A Fan | Chapter 3 Discussion

Chapter 3 explains the difference of having knowledge about Jesus and an intimate relationship with him.  The chapter analyzes the story in Luke 7 which tells the story of when Jesus was invited to a Pharisee’s house for dinner.  The Pharisee had studied scripture all his life and knew all there was the know about the coming Messiah but failed to establish a relationship with God.  On the other hand, the prostitute knew of God’s forgiveness in her heart and thus knew more of him then the Pharisee who studied scripture all his life.

Start questions for the Chapter 3 discussion:

When is the last time you had a moment with Jesus like the woman in Luke 7 had?

When’s the last time you’ve poured yourself out before him?

When is the last time tears streamed down your face as you expressed your love for him?

When is the last time you demonstrated your love for him with reckless abandonment?

Do you just know about Jesus, or do you really know him?

What were your general thoughts about Chapter 3?

  1. For me, I actually had the relationship first and knowledge came second which makes the intamacy ever growing. Looking back now that I have knowledge of what Jesus wants from me, I see that it was a one sided relationship for a very long time. I now want our relationship to be about me giving and serving him! What a patient God we have!

  2. this is the first chapter that i liked as a whole. made very eye opening statments about having knowledge of God…..or KNOWING God! theres times when i know of Him…and there are other times when i KNOW/FEEL Him. i need work in this area. need to make those quiet times available so i can just sit in His presense and listen.

  3. Growing up, I think I really only knew about Jesus. I knew all the stories, all the characters and believed that Jesus and God were real, but I didn't have a relationship. I thought that as long as I lived a life that didn't hurt anyone, went to church as often as possible and prayed some, I'd be ok and go to heaven. As I got older, I made a lot of poor decisions. I could go on and on about the sins I've done, but I'll spare you those details for now. The interesting thing is that as I look back over those years, I can see Jesus standing right beside me. I always knew that I was doing the wrong things. I knew that I had to get real with Jesus, I just wasn't ready to yet. I had to fill my fun tank before getting right with God 'cause everyone knows – Christians are boring and have no fun – lol. Anyway, that day came on an October afternoon along rt 44 in 1994. I gave my heart to Jesus that day and stopped running from Him. Since then I've had times where I grew very close to Jesus and times that I didn't. This back and forth is on me. Jesus is always there and always desires a close relationship. We simply need to let him in. The cool part is that I've learned to ask for His help in doing just that and he's answered those prayers time and again. I have a real relationship with Him now that continues to get stronger. I've never been more thankful or fulfilled about anything in my life. I have a long way to go and look forward to being closer to Him than I am today. When I allow myself to think about this relationship, tears flow every time. In fact when I see Him, I am in tears immediately. The most recent time was today. It happens almost every Sunday and I can't wait until it happens again. The love in my heart for Jesus is deeper than anything I could describe or create myself. He put it there and I am simply letting it out.

  4. I have always had a realtionship with God. Pretty much a one sided relationship where I would pray for things I needed and wanted. Not sure if others have had the same feeling, but it wasn't until I specifically started praying to Jesus that I felt God's warm embrace for the first time. Once you feel it once, you will do whatever it takes to feel it again, to please Him and know with all of your being that you are here on earth for Him and Him alone. Glory to God for allowing such a relationship to be possible. Until I really let go of the world, and I mean really let go to the point where nothing else mattered but Him did I really get to experience Him and know Him.

  5. I definitely think that both my knowledge of the Lord and my relationship with Him have grown over time. I always took pride in that I wasn't an easy crier. I could hold it in with the best of them, if only for the purpose of proving that I wasn't weak. However, the Lord has completely transformed me in that I am pretty much a big fat cry baby anymore. I find myself weeping over my God on pretty much a daily basis. Sometimes it's because of a song or what I read in the Word or a sermon. Other times, the tears come as the result of one of those fleeting moments when we are able to really feel the magnitude of what He has done for us and how unworthy of His grace we really are. A couple of weeks ago, I asked my three year old if he wanted me to read my Bible out loud to him. I made it about two verses before I was sobbing and speaking in fragments. I was reading about the apostle Paul and his trials and ultimate persecution. I was moved to tears by the thought that this is my brother in Christ who someday I will hopefully get to meet and share with him what an encouragement his life story has been to me personally.

  6. Continued…..because Mike apparently is trying to censor us by limiting our word count 😉

    Anyway, I thought that I had traumatized my child once again with my belligerence, but a couple of days later he said, "mommy, will you read that sad part to me again?" I thank God that He has freed me in a way that allows my children to see an emotional response to the belief that we profess. God has not only transformed me into a cry baby, but a cry baby who is not ashamed to be moved to tears because she loves her Lord immensely.

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