Oct 31, 2011

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Halloween Masks

Halloween Masks

Halloween, a day we can be anyone we want to be. We put on our mask and become a super hero, a doctor, or a monster. The crazy thing is, Halloween used to be just another day for me. Who I was hanging around with dictated which mask I was wearing. When I hung out with my friends, the foul-mouthed funny Mike mask was worn. When I was at work, the management mask was strapped on. At church, the God-loving, soft-spoken mask hid my face. I had so many different masks, I kind of forgot what I really looked like.

Jesus changed all that. He came into my life and showed me that there was no need to wear any masks. Mike was all that He wanted to see and wanted me to be. Jesus wants me to be real, real with myself and real with others. I took at a hard look at myself. I saw some things that I liked and other things that needed work.(and still do). I wasn’t happy with just identifying the things that were wrong in my life, I wanted to take steps to correct them. For a long time I took advantage of God’s love and forgiveness by continually asking for forgiveness instead of striving to fix the problem. Now that I strive to fix the problems, each day I feel myself getting stronger and stronger and the temptation becomes weaker and weaker. After I found the real me, it was time to start getting real with others. At first it was scary putting myself out there, being vulnerable for the name and truth of Jesus Christ. One thing I have learned is that there are more people than you might think that have an authentic desire to learn more about Christ. Another thing I have learned is people can sense something genuine. Even if they don’t agree with your views, being genuine leads to conversation that has depth. Small talk still has its place as a conversation starter, but next time you are talking to someone try to move beyond the chit-chat. It may be a scary thing, but trust me, you will be rewarded by what happens next.

Just being available for Christ to use you is all that you need. Put yourself out there, but pray before you do to allow the Holy Spirit to work through you to speak to whomever that you are talking to and you will be amazed by the results.  Now that Halloween’s over, it is time to be real again. Let’s put down our masks and try not to get them back out until next year. God Bless and Good Luck!!!!

  1. very nice mikey! i’m glad you “came around”! as your big brother, you were constantly in my prayers all thru your life! unbeknownsed to you…the Lord and i were working, lol

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