Oct 15, 2011

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God’s will for “Me”

God’s will for “Me”

Today a thought crossed my mind on what the definition of “Me” is.  I started the day off, as usual, by praying that God gives me the strength to live His will and not my own.  Today, I believe God opened my eyes a little more as to what His will for “me” looks like.  I always thought of me as  . . . well . . . Me . . as Mike!  It appears that I may have gotten the definition of the word “me” wrong.  Back in April of 2004 I wed my beautiful wife Rachel.  That day Rachel and I become one.

“Therefore a man shall leave his father and mother and hold fast to his wife, and the two shall become one flesh.” – Ephesians 5:31

I now see that in God’s eyes the definition of “me” is really “us”.  Maybe this has been clear all along to some of you, but for some reason I always thought everyone was on their own when it came to what God wanted from each of their lives.  I now see it differently.  In the past I would ask my wife what she thought God wanted from her, and then I shared what I thought He wanted from me in return.  I think the correct question to ask her is, “What do you think God wants from our life?”  Me=(Mike+Rachel)=Us.  I believe we need to pray with our spouse and by doing so God will reveal what His will is for our/my life is.


See it differently?  Please share why you think that way.  Leave a comment.


  1. damn, never thought of it that way. hmmmmm. i defin see us as individuals in relationship to God…..BUT, i guess He does see us as a couple as well.! have to let this one sink in! thanks.

  2. thanks mike. so nice of you to share this…

    wayyy before marriage, i was convicted God had called me to be a pastor. it was all full of emotion, faith and action, but the pastor calling was filled with dreams of “owning my own church” and run it like a business.

    couple years before marriage, i became humble through a mission trip to mexico, where my heart was bent and broken and re-made a different way. i was convicted God had called me to be a missionary. i met my wife through a step of faith i took, and even had hypothetical conversations with her about it “if God sent us to Turkey, would you go?” being missionaries was the precedent of our relationship, not a compromise later on.

    now into marriage… it’s all about us. i can’t make her do absolutely anything or go absolutely anywhere she does not want to. i see beauty in this. before, if i felt convicted, i picked up and left, whether God had called me or not, He better see me through it or else… cause I was doing it in His name. but now it seems the more mature model is prayer, preparation, spiritual preparation that is… i feel that if God wants “us” somewhere, He better convict us both and place the desire, peace and means to accomplish it, because we are now one flesh. i think i’m now in-tune to leading our relationship, with one-another and with Christ, and be in tune to listen to “us” as opposed to just “me”

    the business analyst in me wants to say to God “what a FANTASTIC QC step!”

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