Sep 24, 2011

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The Battle Raging for You

The Battle Raging for You

Matthew 4:1-11

Temptation, do any of us like this word? I hate temptation or better yet I hate it when I give into temptation. I wish I could get rid of all of Satan’s attacks on me and the darts he throws that always seem to hit me at the worst times. I have realized that this is not going to happen in this life. After studying this portion of scripture, I have been reminded that I must lay down my own life and follow the example Jesus gave me. In doing so, we have to look at this passage as a blue print for the battle, the battle raging for you and your stand against the evil one! Consider these points:

  • We will be targets of temptation when we are weak and feel alone
  • Temptation comes from all sides, angles, and ways
  • Temptation can be a Test we fail or Pass.
  • This is a battle we can win! (Knowledge vs. Obedience)

This passage begins by sharing the fact that Jesus had been in the wilderness, or dessert, for 40 days. On top of that He was spending that whole time fasting and praying. Put yourself in that scene. Spending more than a month, day and night, alone, and giving up nourishment. That is intense! This picture draws the image of a man focused on devoting this time to draw near to the Father, aligning Himself with the will of the one who sent Him. Yet, in a physical sense He, Jesus, had to be tired, hungry, and weak.

Satan shows up and he begins to attack the area where he sees weakness and vulnerability. In this passage, he uses the feeling of extreme physical hunger, the emotional ploy of security/assurance, and the psychological desire for glory/power/authority in his attacks. Wow! In a matter of seven verses of the bible, Satan does all of that? Yep! Again, put yourself in the scene. I’m sure these were not whimsical temptations.

Here we see Jesus standing on the mountain looking at all of the SPLENDORS of ALL of the kingdoms of the world. Was the temptation the glory, the power, the authority? It could have been, but what if that wasn’t it at all.  What if this temptation was more to the tune of – Jesus, you don’t have to die for this. You don’t have to suffer, be tortured, spit on, and rejected.  Just bow before me and it’s all yours.  You won’t have to sacrifice yourself, especially on the cross, because I will give it to you right now.


Temptation is a test we can fail. It is also a test that we can pass! In Deuteronomy 8, the bible says:

(2)Remember how the Lord your God led you all the way in the wilderness these forty years, to humble and test you in order to know what was in your heart, whether or not you would keep his commands.

While Satan was tempting, God was testing. What is in the heart? Will you obey His commands, the commands you know? Jesus, the Messiah and Redeemer of the world, stood true in the face of temptation. He was perfect and in His perfection He showed us the blue print for claiming victory. He was fully surrendered to the will of His Father, knowing and obeying the word of God.

Jesus used scripture to defeat the temptations, to pass the test, and to ultimately defeat the attacks of the evil one. In this passage, we can catch the difference between knowledge and obedience. Satan knew the scriptures. While he manipulated its use, he knew it none the less. Jesus, on the other hand, defeated knowledge with obedience. He knew the commands of God and He obeyed them.

There is a battle raging for each of us. Will you withstand the arrows? Do you know the scripture and will you obey it? With each temptation, you have the opportunity to submit to the Almighty, to pass the test, and win the battle raging for you! Declare your life as one set apart for the King and ask Him for the strength the fight the temptations you will face.

Lord God, I acknowledge that there is a battle raging for me.  Thank you for your Son, Jesus, and for His perfect example.  I come before you now to confess that there are temptations in my life that I have not stood against.  I have caved under temptation.  God, I want to stand for you.  I want to obey your commands and I want to love you through my obedience.  I confess that I don’t have the strength or the will power to withstand the devil.  I am asking You to be with me, walk with me, and wage war with me against the temptations in my life.  Thank you and I love you.



  1. Glenn,

    Great post, as you said the first step to winning the battle is to know/understand scripture (Read the Bible) and secondly, obey the commands with it. The only way to truly obey (since we are mere humans) is to lean on God and ask Him for help to give you the strength to resist temptation. (Because we know that when we are down and out, the Devil we send an all out attack on us.)

    Awesome! Thanks for sharing!


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