Sep 29, 2011

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Selfishness and Jealousy

Selfishness and Jealousy

I’ve been reading and following The Love Dare for the past two weeks. At first because I am selfish, I made a list of all the things I was to do for my wife for each of the 40 days because I have read the book before and attempted to follow it before. Of course, my selfishness led me to believe I didn’t have to read it again to follow the program. This has nothing to do with my lack of love for my wife. She is a beautiful woman inside and out and has spoiled me for the last 15 plus years. She is supportive, loving, and the most hard-working house wife and mother on this planet and deserves a real man as her husband. I’m a selfish baby and my transgressions have made it real tough on her lately. Why? Recently I was rejected for a job I felt I deserved. I had poured my heart and passion into this particular job as an assistant for 20 plus years. I had been through thick and thin and as we all have been taught hard work, perseverance, and loyalty should equal you getting your shot. Had I poured as much dedication, passion, romance, and LOVE into my marriage it would have exploded with JOY! In Days 5 & 8 of The Love Dare, I read about how selfishness and jealousy can ruin our lives.  Instead of envying all the good things I have like my wonderful wife and six kids, I had been pursuing the green-eyed monster wanting to destroy any success anyone associated with the job I didn’t get had. James 3:16, 4:1-2 basically says that envy leads to fighting, quarreling, and every evil thing! I had also turned my back on my Lord and was angry and bitter with him! However, I can honestly tell you brothers and sisters, that GOD wanted my abilities focused on another area, MY FAMILY and more importantly HIM! Had I received my shot at the title with this job that led me straight into a path of anger, jealousy, and selfishness I would have lost my
world! God has a plan. He continually saves me from myself! We have to stay focused on HIM! Like Joseph in Genesis 37, 39-47 realizes as his entire family bows to him, God has blessed us all. It is all good IF our eyes are on HIM and all the blessings he has put in our lives. The Bible is filled with the best stories of all time. Any writer would benefit from knowing them.

Read Deuteronomy 3:21-29 (Moses is forbidden to go into the Promised Land and must help
Joshua even though he did all the work!) And I thought not getting a job was tough…

  1. Bravo, my friend . . . Bravo!

  2. WOW! Made Me cry. I thank God that He is willing and able to save us all from ourselves, over and over again.

  3. Isn't it amazing what happens when God opens our eyes to actually "see" what is going on in our lives. The saying watch what you ask for you might just get it is true. It was a blessing you didn't get the job because in the end that is all you would have had. PRAISE GOD.

  4. beautiful my "itailian brother". i do recall a similar unrelated subject matter you and i talked about one time too. and you said 'thank God for unanswered prayers' remember?? if not next time u see me remind me. well same sentence fits here as well.

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