Sep 7, 2011

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My Testimony – Marlene

My Testimony – Marlene

Back in 1974, while my husband was a lineman for Pennsylvania Power and Light Company, we were invited to a Bible study in one of his fellow lineman’s home on Friday evening. Five other couples attended the meetings. They were Baptists and Methodists.
Before the meeting began, the couples shared about Jesus in their lives. It surprised me that Jesus was so real to them in their everyday lives. A girl next to me told me that when Jesus died 2000 years ago, He paid for every sin that was ever committed, from Adam and Eve’s first sin to the last one that will ever be committed, and He knows who that one is. We need only believe in Jesus and receive what He did for us on the Cross for our sins to be forgiven and to have eternal life and be with Jesus forever. 
We must believe three things:

  1.  That He is the only-begotten Son of God.
  2.  That He paid for our sins on the cross.
  3.  That He arose from the dead and is seated at the right hand of the Father. 

This truth was so simple, and it had a ring of truth to it that I never experienced before this. I was excited about it! I read the Bible and was amazed by the truths revealed in it. God is so good, and I did not know it. I couldn’t get enough of reading the Bible! Two years later I realized that it says in the Bible that Christians have joy unspeakable and full of glory, and I didn’t have it. I ask the Lord for it. He led me to an Assembly of God Church two years later whereby I received the baptism in the Holy Spirit. This really changed my Christian life. I received that joy I was seeking, and also Jesus became very real to me, which I hadn’t had before this. I knew that I was saved for the very first time. I actually felt it. What a blessing that was. I felt new inside. My husband received this baptism also. When asked by fellow members in our Bible study group how did it make you feel, being baptized in the Holy Spirit, my husband answered it beautifully by saying, “It felt like we were born-again! We felt brand new inside!” It is fantastic!

Marlene Steele
Williamsport, Pa.

  1. Thanks for sharing!

  2. very nice marleene!!! it's always nice to hear when people "re-find" Jesus!!

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