Sep 3, 2011

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My Funeral

My Funeral

A Sad Day

I recently had the honor of being invited to a funeral.  On the day of the funeral I woke up earlier then I do most days.  I got dressed and hopped in the car arriving at the church about 30 minutes prior to the service starting.  As I entered the church I was greeted by the grieving immediate family members of the departed.  After giving my condolences, I took my seat and waited for the memorial service to begin.  As I sat and waited I wondered to myself if Heather had a real relationship with Jesus.  I read the obituary a day earlier and it mentioned her being good mother, having an interest collectibles, and that she loved to dance but it didn’t mention that she was in love with the Lord.  It didn’t mention that she made God the top priority in her life.  I hoped that she was in love with our Lord, but if she did it was not obviously apparent. 

As the service began, the priest said a few words about how she was never bitter about some misfortunes she had encountered in her life.  He also spoke of her kindness.  He also spoke some words that at first seemed to be pleasing to the ears about her final resting place but upon further inspection had no real guarantees.  The words he spoke were used in a round about way that to those who didn’t know what it truly meant to follow Christ seemed pleasing, but to me it was not definitive.   I know he was thinking the same thing I was . . . . I know he was hoping that she lived her life for the Lord . . .  but just wasn’t sure.

After the memorial service we made our way to the cemetery to place Heather in her tomb.  After a few more words of hope from the priest, we all said our good-byes and the funeral ended.  I again picked up on the very grey word choice that was used.  I pray for Heather and hope that she did Love the Lord and that some day I will see her again in paradise. 

My Funeral

Fast forward to my funeral.  I want me funeral to be a celebration.  I want my funeral to be a going away party where people rejoice that I had finally had made it home.  I want people to cheer and be in joy that I am finally with the Lord that I had loved and lived my life for.  I want to make the priest’s job easy that day.  I want him to join in the celebration and know with 100% certainty that I made God the #1 priority in my life.  It will be a glorious day with only tears of joy!

If you died today, what do you think your funeral would be like?  Would it be a celebration at the  narrow gate or just another funeral at the broad gate?


  1. I truly want my funeral to be a celebration. I don't want sad faces but happy faces because that day I will truly begin to live for all eternity at home with God. Hope to see you all there!!!

  2. funny. never thought of it as a "going away party"! count me in, and send me off that way as well. just have the party in mansland and include wings and beer!!

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