Aug 20, 2011

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My Promotion

My Promotion

Remembering the trip to South America

Written on December 19, 2009

A great opportunity
Back in August of 2004, I came to Christ. I was 21 years old and about a year away from finishing up school at UMBC. After believing with my heart and confessing with my lips, life really hasn’t been the same. Through a lot of ups and downs, with perhaps more downs than ups, my relationship and walk with Christ began. A semester before finishing up school, a classmate and friend referred me to the company where he was working at the time. I was hired as an intern and after graduating in December 2005, I took a full time job at the company.

Hurricane Katrina
Things have never been pretty standard for me when it comes to my journey. The devastating event of Hurricane Katrina not only hurt but also created hundreds if not thousands of opportunities to serve in many ways. One of them was serving the State of Mississippi through custom software development and other IT support. In early 2006, my company became the forefront of serving in this role and my opportunity to travel and represent my company through project management was born. However, this wasn’t the only thing that was born in Mississippi.

A heart for missions and serving others
Through a client and now friend, I was led to a church in a suburb of Jackson. I almost immediately felt the need to serve and get connected with that body of believers. My plan was to use my liking and gifting for music to continue to serve the Body as I had done in the past. But God had different plans. It just so happens that during my audition for guitar playing, the interview piece of this audition was interrupted by someone who decided it was a good idea to chit chat with the director who was about to interview me. After his chit chat, this person turned to me and invited me to his home for a gathering that night. Having been living out of room 526 of the Hilton Garden Inn for the last few months, the opportunity to visit someone’s home and hopefully eat a home-cooked meal was very attractive. I decided to go. After accepting the invitation, he left and the interview finally began.

I didn’t know it at the time, but the person whose invitation I accepted was the global missions pastor of the church, and the meeting I had been invited to was a preparation meeting for what would become my first missions trip to Matamoros, Mexico.

My heart for missions was born.

I ended up going to several short-term missions trips with that church, as well as served with the worship team all through my stay in Mississippi until early 2008. My company’s involvement in the Mississippi project had ended, but my heart for missions continued to grow.

A turning point
Career wise, things have been great. The successes of the Mississippi project as well as our subsequent involvement with the states of Texas and Louisiana disaster recovery teams put me on a fast track. I was 24 when I became equity partner of the company I had started out as an intern not more than 2 years before. Later on and back in Maryland, the Lord blessed me with a wonderful house, and even more opportunities to serve in my neighborhood church that I have the honor to attend.

But still, I felt not fulfilling my calling for missions. I felt unsatisfied. I felt my heart subdued with distractions and other priorities. As I write this, you find me at a turning point in my life. A turning point in which I’ve realized that my desires to fulfill my heart for missions, paired with inaction, would never get me to my destination. In other words, I may have the best of intentions, but they’re never going to get me where I know I want to be –where I know God wants me to be.

Pursuing my path
As of about two weeks ago, I’ve decided to step down my position at the company I’ve worked at for the past four and a half years. It’s been a great ride while it lasted, but I believe God is calling me to something different. I’ve decided to actively and purposely pursue my calling for missions, in whichever capacity God would lead me. On this subject, let me share with you something I’ve learned as God has guided me through this decision. Being a missionary and fulfilling a heart for missions can be manifest in many ways. It may very well be the oh-so-known role of a missionary in Africa. Or, it may be living in a tent in the mountains of Mexico serving through economic and spiritual development of unreached people groups. Or, call me crazy, but it could be the United States Congress. All I know is that these steps are being taken in Faith and that all I’m going with is a heart that wants to serve others where God may lead me.

Where I’m going
As a first step in this journey, I’m going to my home town of Santa Cruz, Bolivia. There are two reasons why Santa Cruz was put in my heart. One of them is that my uncle and spiritual father is the pastor of a church there, with a strong focus on discipleship and missions. The church, which is located in the city of Santa Cruz, is involved in a lot of regional missions work in the east side of Bolivia. I will be living with him and his family, and serving in the church there. The second reason is a bit more personal. You may or may not know this, but it was last year around this time that I got an opportunity to meet my father and siblings I had never met for the first time. Although we have done our best to keep in touch via email and phone, this will be a great opportunity to continue to develop our relationship and get to know one another in love. I believe God is calling me to plant some seeds in their hearts. None of them are believers.

After Santa Cruz, I’ve also been led to a church in Washington, DC. They have a program called the Protégé Program. It’s a one year, unpaid, full-time internship that will allow me to continue to develop skills, equip and serve in the area of ministry that I’m called to. What this really translates into is an opportunity for me to serve as staff of the church in the team of Missions and Outreach. This church is actively involved in missions with a global outlook. I will be working on preparing my application for this program, which runs yearly every September, as soon as it’s available.

So far, this means that I would be coming back to the US in early August 2010, with a little bit of time to move to the DC, find a part-time job to cover expenses, and continue serving the Body there.

For someone who has been an obsessive-compulsive planner all his life, taking these kinds of steps should leave me nothing short of anxious and scared. But, I feel peace. Clarity and peace, to be precise. What’s comical is how I didn’t know what I was doing more than a few weeks ago. All I knew is that I had to do something.

I leave for Santa Cruz on January 22, 2010.

  1. Wow dude, thanks for sharing, could you update us as to what you are up to these days? What your future plans are?

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