Aug 31, 2011

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My idol god

My idol god

I was born in 1980 and pretty much have been to church every Sunday since.  There is roughly about 53 Sundays in any given year and over 30 years that adds up to around 1590 Sabbaths.  When I step back and look at the numbers I think, Wow . . . 1590 hours of my life were spent in church listening and learning about my religion, about Christianity.  At first glance the numbers look impressive, but in reality they are not.  You see, I spent 1590 hours learning and listening, none of the time hearing.  I would show up to church and go through the motions.  I was giving God the scraps of my life, one hour a week, and nothing more.  The scary part is that I thought this was acceptable. 

Another embarrassing fact was that after 30 years of being a “Christian”, I had never read the Bible.  That’s right, I had never read the book my religion was based upon.  I had never read the book that contained the rules that God had commanded us to follow.  This resulted in me being a good moral person, but not a Christian.  If you would have asked me if I was a Christian I would have said “yes”, but looking back I most certainly was not.  When things came up in my life that conflicted with what I was taught on Sundays I would bend the rules in a way to make whatever it was I wanted to do acceptable, effectively making my own rules.  If I wasn’t following the rules of the God in the bible, who’s rules was I following?  I was following the rules of an idol god, one that I made up in my head.  The rules and truth of the one true God are found in the Bible and since I had never read it, I didn’t know Him.  The only god I knew was my idol god, the one that allowed Mike to do whatever he wanted to do. 

Luckily God will never give up trying to create a relationship with us.  Through a series of “coincidences”, which I now know were God ordained, I met a group of people who are real Christians.  They don’t just wear the title of Christian, they live it.  They showed me what a real relationship with Christ really looks like.  This inspired me to want that same type of relationship.  I took the time and read through the Bible and have not been the same since.  I can now say that I am a Christian, a true Christian, which means 100% of the time I am focused on pleasing God and putting Him first.  Here is a stat for you . . . since I now spend 100% of my time trying to please the one true God,  I have spent more time focused on Christ in this past year (8766 hours in a year) then I did in the first 30 years of my life.  I pray that we all find the relationship with God that I have found.  I feel a burning from deep down within and I can’t get enough of it.  I share this with everyone I know because I want them to experience the same feeling of overwhelming joy and fulfillment that I now feel.

A Slave of Jesus,



  1. Coincidence? Or God?

    Next, on Unsolved Mysteries, I'm your host Robert Stack.

    Seriously though, it is so important to read the Bible. Even then, it is still difficult not to worship the idol god in our heads which is why we have to pray in conjunction with thoughtful study.

  2. yeah it's always on Gods timetable when these things happen. He is very patient with us for sure. I'm a constant 'work in progress'

  3. I feel to be a true Christian you feel on fire for Jesus. Alot of people get turned off if you try to share your feelings so it is a test who do you share your thoughts with? God always brings you to a spot of knowing who to say things to and the Holy Spirit gives you the words. We all try to do things our own way but in the end it is always between you and God and we find we have to put our money where our mouth is when we say 'Thy will be done' not ours. This was a true test for me when Paul died. I had so many plans but I didn't know what God's plan was all along.

    • Thanks for sharing. I feel the same. It is a hard pill to swallow sometimes when we say that we want His will to be done and not our own. The only thing we can do is trust in God because even though we may not understand His plan for our lives, we know it is what is best for us. A scary pray that I sometimes pray is: "Please Lord, bring me closer to you no matter what the cost."

      Very scary if you truly mean it.

  4. I have found that being a genuine born-again Christian gives me the knowledge that whether I live or die, I belong to the Lord. It's such a joy knowing that I'm going to heaven. I have such wonderful inner peace and joy since I became a born-again believer. The world can't give it to anyone, only the Lord.


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