Aug 25, 2011

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30 for 30 Day 15 | Psalms 4

30 for 30 Day 15 | Psalms 4

30 for 30 is a daily walk with Christ which covers thirty small sections of scripture over thirty days.  The premise of the study is to really slow down and reflect on small snippets of scripture.  Today will be focused on Psalms 4

Day 14 was a make up day and there were no readings.

Written by David

 Answer me when I call to you, O my righteous God.  Give me relief from my distress; be merciful to me and hear my prayer.  2 How long, O men, will you turn my glory into shame?  How long will you love delusions and seek false gods?  3 Know that the Lord has set apart the godly for himself;  the Lord will hear when I call to him.  4 In your anger do not sin; when you are on your beds, search your hearts and be silent.  5 Offer right sacrifices and trust in the Lord.  6 Many are asking, “Who can show us any good?”  Let the light of your face shine upon us, O Lord.  7 You have filled my heart with greater joy than when their grain and new wine abound.  8 I will lie down and sleep in peace, for you alone, O Lord make me dwell in safety.


Is there a Lesson to be learned?

Verse 7 jumps out at me in this passage.  “7 You have filled my heart with greater joy than when their grain and new wine abound.”  I can relate to this in my own life.  New things that I had acquired in the past gave me temporary happiness where as the joy I feel from the Holy Spirit burning within me satisfies me like I have never been satisfied before.  Verse 8 describes the another side affect of this feeling of satisfaction, the feeling of peace.

Is there Sin to confess?

There have been times in my life when bad things have occurred and it angers me and I look to Heaven and ask why?  Glenn Smith had a good post on Problems have a Purpose
 Are there any New Thoughts about God? 

God surely is the only thing in this world that can provide us with satisfaction and peace.

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  1. Praise be to God who is the only source of true peace! I have heard many sermons that have addressed how the Lord gives us peace even in times of loss, sickness, persecution and trials of many kinds. For the longest time I just couldn't wrap my mind around how you could be unhappy with a situation but at peace with it at the same time. Then I experienced a situation that called for me to follow the Lord's Will and not my own. That decision has led to a great deal of heartache as well as a peace that is beyond human reasoning. The Lord's promises are true and I have been blessed to experience the glorious peace He has offered.

    • Peace and Satisfaction, what we all want. I wasted so much time trying to find it in other places . . .

      I just heard a sermon on the book of Ecclesiastes. Reminds me so much of myself before I found Christ. In the book of Ecclesiastes, King Solomon deliberately fills every worldly desire he can, he denies himself nothing. At the end of the day, he comes to the conclusion that only God can satisfy. If a king, who could do absolutely anything he wanted can't find joy via the things of this world, who could?

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