Mar 25, 2011

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What does the Holy Spirit Feel Like?

What does the Holy Spirit Feel Like?

I grew up going to church every Sunday.  As a child I learned about all the rules of Christianity and the way I was supposed to live my life.  I was groomed to say all the right things and act all the right ways when it came to my religion, but that is really all it was . . . acting.  As soon as I left the church on Sunday afternoons I went back to being me, and being me didn’t really involve a whole lot of God.

Many years later I am living life in the fast lane.  I have a beautiful family, I am financially sound, and am constantly moving up in the business world.  In the eyes of the world I have it all and should be completely fulfilled, but I wasn’t.  It was then that I realized that this world will never give me the satisfaction I am looking for.  I then, for the first time in my life, honestly asked Jesus to come into my life.  I pursued him as vigorously as I had been pursuing the lies of  the world and guess what . . .  I FOUND HIM.  If you honestly and wholeheartedly pursue a relationship with Jesus, He will not disappoint you.  After I found Jesus I noticed something else was different about me.  I felt for the first time this thing called the “Holy Spirit” I had read about but never experienced working within me.  I felt a fire burning deep within me that produced an energy like I have never felt before.  Now this feeling is part of who I am and guides me throughout my day to day life but most of all it has brought me fulfillment and satisfaction with my life . . . I just wish I would have discovered this relationship with Jesus sooner!

About two weeks ago, I started a “Jesus Slave” presence on Facebook.  I am excited about the level of response I have gotten from the people who have “Liked” the Jesus Slave page.   I recently asked them “In your personal experience, what does the Holy Spirit feel like?”  Their responses:

If you would like to experience such things as “Peace, Warmth, and Comforting strength”  I recommend that you wholeheartedly ask Jesus to come into your life and pursue Him with 100% effort until you find what you are looking for!  (PS – You won’t have to wait long to get a response from Him!)

What does the Holy Spirit feel like to you?  Please share by leaving a Comment!

  1. The Holy Spirit makes me feel that love for Jesus is second to none. He is first in my life. The Holy Spirit gives me the words I need when I try to reach out to someone that is looking for the peace that only He can give. I can't tell you how many times I have been told "that is just what I needed to hear". I couldn't even recall at the time what I said!! So I know it is the Holy Spirit using me for a purpose. I pray that I fulfill my purpose for being here by being the person He meant for me to be, with His help.

  2. lol. God, Jesus, Holy Spirit…all in the same…and i know the feeling. kinda like, 'careful what you ask for cause you just might get it'! when i 'seriously' went looking for Jesus…and found world was shaken. it was VERY scarey at first….and then peace came. kinda an inside joke between me and God now, that when i ask Him for things (guidence, help, knowledge etc) that He takes it 'easy' on me …"mums the word" is what i like to say to Him. i find that i am easily shaken…so i stress to Him to take it easy on my lack of! its amazing when you step back and look at the 'coincidences' in life….you realize they aren't that….BUT God working in your life. the 'feeling' i guess would be described as a great sense of peace..but that really doesn't give it justice. experience it for yourself….THATS the best way

  3. Natalie says:

    When I feel the presence of the Holy Sprirt I feel a warth on my hands, on my arms, or my back. It is like a nice sunny day where the sun’s rays are nice and warm on your skin. That is what the presence of the Holy Sprirt feels like to me. It is very sweet feeling because it is peaceful. Kind of like when you are out in the warm sun on a nice day. Not a hot day just a nice warm sunny day.

    • I don’t know if anyone will believe me but I feel like I “received” the Holy Spirit one day two years ago. I felt a presence behind me and two large hands were placed on my head to bow down. Then I felt a sizzling on my hair (it did not hurt) and it then it proceeded down my body and molten my skin. (It felt like I had shed a shell and had a rebirth). When I went downstairs to my daughter I felt happy and like I was glowing and she said, “Mommy, why do you LOOK SO Happy”” This is when I felt like I was Blessed with the presence of the Holy Spirit INSIDE Me. I just wanted to share my story and give You Hope that HE, THE HOLY SPIRIT, does exist.

      • Like a burning numbness on the forehead right? (: I was laying on my bed just now and I was listening to some worship music and I said ,” lord bring heaven to earth and show me who you really are” and my forehead felt numb just like someone was outing pressure on it and i started to have a burning tingling feeling that didn’t hurt and then I started to sweat this is the first time this has happened to me I wasn’t sure if that was how it is supposed to be so glad I’m not alone on this

      • The Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit are 3 entities and/or manifestations in 1. In Deut, it states that God is One. Meaning Jesus was from the very beginning like Melchizedek, King of Salem, no beginning, no end, he is eternal. Here’s an example: When you see an egg it shows itself as one but when you crack it, it show 3. The shell, the egg white and the yoke meaning that the 3 are 1. The Father, God came to earth as the Son, Jesus and decended into Heaven but said that he will send a Comforter, the Holy Spirit. When I feel his presence, I feel a burning fire on the left and right side of my back, I feel his breeze on my head and sometimes the entire body and felt electricity on my whole. When he speaks to my heart all he always asks is for obedience. I was personally called by him the way Paul was called but in a different way and I have served him ever since. The word says that no one goes to the Father unless through the Son. Jesus is the Key (Yave) and God is the Door. Its an unending circle of life, his life. In Apoc. it states to the church in Philedelphia about who opens and closes the doors. There is the outer, inner and inner most. I went through all 3 and it took years. The more you give up your own mind set, the more the Lord gives you his mind set. Jesus stated that although he is in this world but he is not of this world, meaning his thoughts are not like our thoughts. Paul stated, each day he dies so that Christ may grow. It’s like the military. You come in as a civilian, they break you down and rebuild you. It’s the same way with Jesus. Jesus is a never ending teacher and his Love is infalable which moves mountains. It’s all about your conviction and faith in him. God doesn’t work in groups but with each individual. Remember, each has a different gift but come from the same source. Amen

        • Bridgette Dunagan says:

          when I was filled with the Holy Spirit, I was singing to Jesus in church and longed to be filled with Him and then it just happened. It was like scales fell of my eyes in a sense and i could feel and understand the Truth. He revealed all the lies and I knew without a shadow of a doubt that Jesus is real and heaven is real and the world is lies and he revealed all of satans lies that pertained to me and my pain. It was total and complete TRUTH and ecstatic love and release! Words cannot describe the shear excitement and joy of that moment.

          • Renardo Edwards says:

            my feeling was identical to yours it was more of being able to see as before i was blind now i can see.

          • Donna crim says:

            That’s the way it was with me also. The scales fell away and just like amazing grace says I once was blind but now I see !!!!! Thank you Lord for the Holy sprit !

  4. I felt the need to bow down and it was sooooo strong and I bowed before God. I prayed to my Lord Jesus for forgiveness and the sins I had committed had come to my mind like a stream of pictures. I asked Jesus to make me see the every day people, through His eyes. As He sees them. And I was a really rude person before, always angry and yelling and always cursing. I did a 180 over night. The Holy Spirit will come to you , and if you ask and believe with your whole heart, He will do for you what He has done for me and many others.

    God bless you all and I love you all.

    Thank you Lord Jesus. You are out first love. Amen.

    • china ivory says:

      Hi I was the same way very angry and timid and said bad words everytime I spoke and the thing is all that is gone I still have issues but God works on us in different ways when Holy Spirit enters us. for me I can read the bible and understand better before hand I would read and just read. I would go up for alter call and would just be up there and now I understand these things I didn’t before. I have this burning feeling in my arms legs and when i’m doing or shall I say following the things thats expected of me It get heavier another thing if im in the process of doing something Holy spirit doesnt agree with I get this feeling in the Pit of my belly. Be blessed . another thing if you dont have a church home you all should join a church where you are getting spiritually feed. see before you might not have realized it but the devil had you bonded but when you are filled with holy spirit he flees he still test you but you have to stay grounded so you need church you need the word


    I asked myself the question, that many have asked before, what is this all about. From the day I asked myself that questions it took me 9 months to find out what the true answer and meaning to life itself was all about. Over that nine month period, I read that Bible over 3 times, looking for an answer. I had many questions during my readings. All the questions that had pondered in my mind during this time, were eventually answered in one-way or another. Somestimes they were answered by just opening the bible up and reading the scripture on the page. Other times I was watching a religous program on TV or listening on the radio and the answer was among the teachings. One time I remember waking up on a Sunday Morning and telling my wife I was going to church for what reason I did not know and she could not go. Before going to church that morning, I was having doubts about the Holy Spirit and guess what the Sermon was that morning on, The Holy Spirit. Then one afternoon while studing and longing for an answer, I was blessed with the answer I so long for, the Holy Spirit opened my Heart with a feeling of such Great Love I had never known before. I momentarily saw the intire universe and was surround with the scent of Myrrh. This was the answer I had been looking for, The Father, Son and Holy Spirit do exist and the Holy Spirit dwells within me know. We are all loved by them and that love is of no other. I know now what I must do, show that love to others so that maybe one day, maybe just 1 will ask the same question. God Loves us all, for when you recieve him, you become him and dwell in the House of The Lord. I had mentioned earlier about seeing the Universe and the smell of Myrrh, I do believe I was being reasured that my Father Created all and the smell of Myrrh was the cleansing of my soul. It has been two years since this has happened and believe me I live a different life, one of being a better person to others. I know believe, even though I had once already been baptised that I still have another true Baptism that will eventually happen and that is when I Baptise myself in the Name Of The Father, Son and Holy Spirit. For I know once I do this, there is no turning back, for if I do I condem myself forever. I Love You Jesus, my Lord and Savior, I am almost there. P.S. If all Churches believe in the Trinity and have recieved Love of God, why do they not dwell among thereselves.

  6. John Brandon says:

    Actually I’m writing this because I needed to encourage myself about God right now. I have felt the Holy spirit a few different times. One of the most incredible times was when I was at work. I would drudge through most days in spiritual doubt about God ( 13 hour days all alone) until I was in a complete mental prison. I got so awful one day that I felt like I was completely lost. So I decided to think about Jesus. I started to compare Jesus with the world in every aspect. After a few minutes I started realizing how great Jesus is. When this happened, a fire overwhelmed me for Jesus. Complete fire, love, and peace. I read a day later ( and didn’t know it before this) that the holy spirit comes when we glorify Christ. It all made perfect sense! The holy spirit is POWERFUL. It also explained to me once that we humans are incomplete without God. It would be like presenting a skeleton without a torso in anatomy class. We are literally incomplete without God. I think That’s the ultimate meaning of being humble.

  7. I feel like I love others around me. It is a high feeling, a dreamy state. It is real not so very different than an intoxicated feeling. I sometimes cry. I feel like I’m in an altered state, “trance/dream like at times, difficult to walk without wobbeling. Difficult to drive. Yes really:)

    • Leah Close says:

      I love that feeling 🙂 I call it “High on the Holy Spirit”!

    • That is like what I feel, too. I feel tingling warmth in my belly and goosebumps all over my body and I cry my eyes out lol. Sometimes it feels like a punch in the gut that’s not painful, and it’s this overwhelming sence of joy and peace.

      • Andrews cherry says:

        This is exactly how the Holy Spirit announced it’s being on me, the most beautiful powerful feeling I’ve ever felt in my life, an inner peace went through my body and I wept uncontrollably, god is real, god is love, a surge of warmth from my head to the pit of my stomach, I saw the dark skies brighten, I felt gods love.

  8. I received the Holy Spirit the other day. All the things said by many is true. Warmth. Faith. Confidence. Truth. Love. A home. Kinda over whelming and scary at times. The cool thing is a white horse Christ came to me in a dream and showed me things to come. And the Holy Spirit would b givin. It all came to pass. I love u all and can’t wait to see u in our new true home of love.

  9. Leah Close says:

    For me, there are a few ways I’ve felt Him. Once I was lying in bed on a Sunday night after a great service that morning, I felt I was being covered by a blanket, it was a soft pressure all over me, it was great 🙂

    Another time my Sunday praise group was praying and my head went totally blank. I asked one of my mentors what the deal with that was, he told me to be ready to listen (gotta learn how to do that (: ). That’s only a couple of the ways I can really feel Him 🙂

  10. For months I have been extremely blessed ever since I allowed god into my life. Before him I was a bitter person in rational unforgiving and just plain unhappy.i allowed so many people in my life who really hurt me yet for some reason I couldn’t let them go. Time and time again I kept running into unfortunate events and the people who really loved me were casted away. Yet god revealed to me I’m not kidding. I just got off the phone with my sons father and I remember feeling compassion and peace with him. For years I struggled to make him see how to be a good father since I always had a rocky relationship with mine. After I got off the phone I sat down and just asked god to give me guidance and that I’m his. Right then and there everything became blurry I began to shake and gasped for air that’s when the tears flowed not because I was sad but because I felt peace. He spoke to me he asked me what I was afraid of and I said nothing and the more I said it with my heart the more I felt at peace. I learned that The Lord was sending me a valuable message he always said to me your demons come in threes and immediately showed me who they were. Right then I felt clear I felt him. I felt paralyzed I felt love. After listening I realized all three people had a lot in common and were toxic. I love The Lord and I am his servant !

  11. I was taking the trash out and heard a voice say, come back to me, real LOUD. I haven’t been to church in years and asked the Pastor across the street how do you know what is Jesus or the Holy Spirit. I was born into the RCC and never believed there doctrines. The Pastor is a Baptist and I’ve since gone to his services and have been praying and asking for 6 months. I’ve had the feeling when I was about 6 or 7, and have never felt it since. THAT feeling was so overwhelming that to this day I want it back. Since Nov, 2012 I have been praying, reading scripture and asking but still haven’t found it yet… Can anyone explain what I’m doing wrong ? When I was younger I would talk to Jesus often and as I got older I stopped seeking him out. But that VOICE was booming in my ear and I’ve responded to God but that feeling isn’t there. I’ve been told to keep reading scripture and it will come. Am I doing anything WRONG ?? I need him in my life bad for my life is his because he paid the ultimate price for ALL of us. I read and pray to the point my wife gets angry…it takes away from her time I guess… Any answers ??? They are really welcomed … Thanks !! Peace and Love in Our Savior Jesus Christ

    • I’m not a pastor or any kind of theologian, but I was drawn back to this post for a reason today. It’s probably been 6 months since I checked in on this. While I was reading your words, I felt led to share some of the things I’m learning right now.

      Number one is that I can’t be good enough. I was visiting a church last week and heard a sermon where the pastor said “A lot of us go from bondage to sin to bondage to religion.” The point was that when we come to Jesus, we are missing what happened through the atonement. We see that we have sin in our lives and start trying to weed it out. We start trying to be “good enough.” We read our bibles, pray, go to church and learn to say all the right things. The point I’m learning is that the only thing that I have to understand is that I can never be good enough. The only reason God listens to my prayers or looks at me at all is because Jesus went to the cross on my behalf. My salvation is free to me, but cost God a great deal. He witnessed His only Son brutally murdered and had to leave his presence at the time of greatest need. I have to learn to accept what Jesus did as more than adequate in God’s eyes. It doesn’t matter if I feel worthy, Jesus believes I am and therefore I am. I have to learn to exalt in that truth and seek the Holy Spirit and WAIT for Him to arrive. It may come in whispers at first, but trusting that the Lord will provide discernment is necessary to act when the whispers come. I believe I will know His voice as it will be revealed to me by the Lord.

      As I have disciplined myself to spend time in God’s word everyday over the last 1.5 years, I have grown in my understanding and faith. However, there have also been times that I have been called to stand for Him in day to day life. It has only been through His strength that I was able to do that. Each time has gotten a little more difficult, but I trust in the Lord. The whispers are getting louder.

      I encourage you to continue seeking Him. (Matt 7:7). The feeling you had as a child is a great memory to fuel your faith now.

      and said, “Truly, I say to you, unless you turn and become like children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven. (Matthew 18:3, ESV)

      My kids are about the age you were when you remember feeling His presence. It’s our adult minds that create doubts and barriers to our relationship with Jesus. We have to give them up and allow them to be broken down so we can once again approach the Lord with the heart of a child. Prayers and blessings my brother !

    • I understand. I believe Satan is blocking u. When we arehyper focused on that awesome feeling we want right now we forget to trust Jesus. For me I have learned that constant “trying” to feel Him is a type if worry and that is Satan. Just surrender it, lie still, pray a simple prayer askingHim to encounter u, put MP3 player in your ears and listen some amazing praise music(Jesus culture) and you will feel him again. Trust relax and believe and He will encounter u! Tell him to have His way with u!

    • Pray for others and think no evil and God will bless you

  12. I came across this as I was researching online seeking to see others who feel it. My experience is the same as the burning fire inside me, under my flesh. It keeps increasing everyday and I feel it almost all the time. I have felt this oneness with him two weekends ago but it continues to grow. At first it felt peaceful and warm and calm and light.. then the burning came when I heard him call me. My transformation was immediate. Like a blink of an eye. I am not the same anymore.

    I used to suffer from depression for years and had been taking meds for a year. I had been a chain smoker for the past 2 years. I craved bad foods. I had no energy a lot. After the Holy Spirit united with me, all of those things left me. I have stopped smoking just like that. I do not eat junk food anymore (I was addicted to diet coke for years too), I don’t even drink coffee in the morning anymore, I have been living healthy ever since. I also stopped taking my meds and I feel more lucid and new than ever before. Everything I did, I did with joy. His life and very essence is what gives me life.

    He told me that the work he has begun will be completed. He gave me a revelation and it is huge. I wasn’t scared when I got it, I just said yes Father I will obey. He is sending me to world to share that the kingdom of God is here. That heaven is here. That one must die (from self) to enter the Kingdom. I have been seeking and meditating on his word all day and night ever since. Even when I sleep, he is speaking to me.

    Just this Monday at dawn, he woke me up from my sleep because I heard his voice loud like a thunder at the same time I saw a flash of bright white light like lightning while my eyes were closed and it was very clear and my whole body was shaking like I was experiencing a body “earthquake”. I haven’t read the revelations then. So I did not know what that was about and he revealed to me words and numbers and Rev. 3:20, John 14 and Matthew 24. I haven’t even read the whole bible. I am not very familiar with it until recently when I couldn’t not read. And they confirmed what he called me to do. He leads me to them.

    He placed it upon me to bring his people to heaven in this generation to prepare them all as his bride when he comes back. And he is coming. To conquer death (the ruler of the world : sin) once and for all and unite everyone to bring glory to his name.

    Then two hours ago, I woke up to Him talking to me again. This is the email I sent to my mom an hour and a half ago. I am sharing it below.

    “Naked as we came, so shall we also come back to him. Like a baby. Unless we are like babies, we can not enter the kingdom of God.”

    We were born naked physically. We belong to him when we are babies. Because we are pure. Just as Adam and Eve were in the garden of Eden before they ate from the tree. For us to come back to the garden, we need to be like babies again. Stripped off our clothes (our shame) so his glory, only his glory radiates upon us. That we are blameless and pure. No more sin or compulsion to sin. Our framework (mind, heart, soul, actions) tuned in to God’s frequency… His truth (love, life, essence, nature)… His law (the word of God). When that happens, we are one with Him. When that happens, it means we have the eternal life. When that happens, everything we do and say and purpose are all for his kingdom. We become exactly like Him, made in his own image and likeness. When that happens, we have truly died from our old “self” and are reborn. Like Jesus who died on the cross to save us all from death, he resurrected too in physical form to heaven. He gave us this very example to show us that the kingdom is here. That is the mystery of life in the bible that has been given to all but not many know. That heaven is here now because the kingdom of God is here now.

    I want you to share this to the family. You can refer to the bible for this. This is truth and truth alone. It comes from God. It is not a secret anymore. It is real. Rapture is real. Heaven is real. Eternal life is real and you get when you are still living in the physical form and not after one dies a physical death. The life is here now. This is the life. The life people live in the world? That is just an illusion. That is the life outside of the garden. Where sin is everywhere. Death and wickedness are everywhere. People are deceived far too long. Even the teachers and those who proclaim follows Jesus are deceived and misled. But not anymore. The truth and the mystery are known. I am sharing it to you. So you too will see heaven now and have eternal life.

    You who receive this message and heed it, your name is written in the book of life. If you deny this truth, God will remove it. Judgment will come.

    I have seen a new heaven and earth in one through a vision after my intercession 12 hours ago. It is so beautiful. He said, this is what will happen when God’s work is complete. He is completing it now. We will live there. It will not take long anymore.

    Revelation will happen. It is happening now.

    I have had a lot of revelations since. The very initial one that was impressed to me by God was that I will have to go and gather all his sons and daughters. That I will father them. The song hosanna by hillsongs is a prophecy and that is what is going to happen. I was told to go to Australia. I have shared this to a pastor friend who lives in Sydney but rejected me saying this is not of God. That I was saying something I do not understand. He gave me biblical scriptures about false prophets when I shared to him Zechariah 4 and prophesied that he plays a big role in this. I haven’t even read that book until I got the word.

    There are more that happened and they are happening everyday now. Signs, word, revelations, healing ministry in a grocery store, prophesies. I keep interceding and praying and asking and seeking.

    Yesterday afternoon, I prayed and cried and was trembling when I interceded for everyone. That he saves every one because he loves them. I feel his heart and it was heavy. I interceded again before I slept. Through me he spoke and sent forth his angels to those he had called. I prayed too that let his sons and daughters come to me. I do not know who they are.

    My name is Grace. I live in Europe. I am 32 years old. I am female. I am originally from Asia. I have a toddler. And he called me to leave. And I said yes to him. Which means i have to leave everything even my kid and family to fulfill the purpose he has called me to do. Because it is not my will anymore but his. I do not have money as I am a full time mom/housewife. My husband (who will be my ex soon but we are very good friends) is an atheist. I was doing freelance photography and had some assignments coming but after my transformation I do not have any desire for any worldly possessions. Because my reward is in heaven. I called off all commitments and I want to sell all my things (ipad, camera, lenses, bags, etc.) so when he tells it’s time to go, I can afford to buy a plane ticket wherever it may be he is sending me to. I do not worry about anything because he told me he will provide. He wants to rebuild his church. Not the stone made church but his people. All around the world. A church who is one in Christ and who live and think like he does. One heart, mind, spirit. Pure. Equal. Sharing. Just like in the bible. No one will be poor anymore. No one will want more than they need. That is the church he is rebuilding. A church (the bride) he will present to the Father and will bring glory to his name. Death will be conquered. Everyone will be pure.

    I do not know why I am telling this here. I felt compelled to share it otherwise I wouldn’t have found it. This is my first time to read your article.

    I know I will be persecuted for this. People will say I am crazy and of the devil. But everything I hear and know are from God and are affirmed by the Bible. I do not know much. I wasn’t trained for this but He gives me wisdom and understanding to even interpret what I read. But I trust him and I have faith. I will die for him knowing the assurance that I will live with him in heaven. I have eternal life. He promised me life and abundance. He promised me he will save my family and everyone close to me. Because I am his faithful servant. He promised not to bring me harm and I trust that. I can go to anyone right now even the president and tell him what God wants me to tell him without feeling any doubt or fear because God lives in me. I am but his messenger.

    If you feel truly that you are in Christ and you feel something while or after you read this, please let me know. If you get a word or revelation, please tell me. I have been seeking a lot for confirmations. I am not affiliated in any church or denomination. But I believe the truth that he is Jesus Christ who came to die for our sins and redeem us by grace and who has risen from the dead to live with the Father in heaven. I believe in his word. I believe in the bible.

    You can get in touch with me on

    God loves all of you and he will take back what is his.

  13. Really true guys. You can feel what ever you feel at the time when the holy spirit enters you, but rest assured, its all about being happy.

    The first time i received the holy spirit in me, i some times went into the bushes just to have myself quiet and to be careful of mixing with friends so as not to say wrong things. I thought i will never get angry at anyone, no matter what they do to me. Some times i will cover myself under the blanket and smile until i have to see tears moving down my eyes. it also helped me conscious of my sins each time i commit any. Some times i felt like i dont have to move out doors, but to stay inside to keep myself from sinning. ALL OF THIS MADE ME HAPPY ALL THE TIMES AS IF I HAD NOTHING TO WORRY ABOUT IN THIS LIFE. But when it finally goes out, you feel the emptiness in you.

  14. Like many of the experiences here, mine are usually the result of a desperate searching and pleading for Him. But even when I don’t feel the Spirit with great power, I can still receive it to a certain degree if I search with diligence.

    For me, it feels like I’m being wrapped in spiritual blanket of peace, love, light, and joy. It feels like I’m home, that everything is going according to plan, as everything has and will.

    What varies in my experiences with the Holy Spirit is the way it moves upon my mind. Sometimes I will feel prompted to be more involved with friends or family members. Other times I will gain an understanding of how or why I became so lost in my ego, and how I can be more anchored to the Lord and feel His Spirit. Most of the time, it prompts me to stay the course, to not discourage, and to exert more effort to receive the Spirit.

    My mind cannot comprehend it, thus I cannot accurately express it, but nothing in life has ever come close to its goodness.

  15. You can feel the holy spirit in degrees in my experience. and it depends more on you because its about how open you are to receiving the holy spirit which should not be dismissed because its key really. Your sins take you away from the holy spirit and your goodness takes you closer so that if you are very committed in a loving relationship with God and obedient to God it can seem like a permanent connection that is so strong as to be unbreakable and unshakable. if you are in sin and depending on the situation, its very common to shut out God and block it out or not recognize it. the Holy Spirit is still there but if you are deep in sin or have grieved the Holy Spirit in some way you will instinctively NOT invite/plead to have it inside of you, protecting you or guiding your life and i think on some level people decide they are not worthy, close themselves off from the Holy Spirit or have resentments and the Holy Spirit will not dwell in a container that isnt inviting it. its a physical thing that can be felt by some. Not just poetry or a nice idea. its a real Spirit that comes to dwell inside of you. If you share your body with a spirit and if you are very sensitive then you will physically feel it inside of you. This is just my experience with it. Also it seems like alot of people who believe in God do not really feel the holy spirit dwelling inside of them which is difficult for me to understand because that seems like talking about something with an understanding you dont actually have. im saying this because i wish everyone could feel the Holy Spirit in profound way that transforms their lives not because of faith or wishful thinking or talking themselves into obeying God based on what scripture tells them to do but actually obey and worship God because God living physically inside of you and youve already made that choice to give your life over to Jesus Christ. Although reading the bible is important and useful, this isnt a relationship with God, just bible study. And talking to God in prayer when you cant feel the Holy Spirit inside you makes it difficult to have immediate feedback and a conversation with God. if you can feel the Holy Spirit then over time you learn to communicate with God based on the feelings that manifest through the Holy Spirit inside of you, dwelling in you. This one way conversation in prayer business may be fulfilling for some but i couldnt be satisfied to talk to someone who doesnt talk back to me telepathically with its energy. Everyone is used by spirits. There is something about our bodies that just allows all kinds of real supernatural spirits to enter us or attach themselves to us. But if you have the Holy Spirit dwelling inside of you there is no room for any other spirit to take hold of you or work through you except God’s 🙂 From my perspective its sad to listen to people talk about how committed they are to God without having the spirit dwelling inside of them actually taking over and guiding their entire lives on a physical level. Sad in my eyes mostly because if the Holy Spirit dwells inside you then you dont have to fight with your own ego over decisions you make because they are made for you by God so it bypasses that daily struggle with yourself. Also, the one time i grieved the holy spirit i moved away from God just enough for the Holy Spirit to depart from inside of me. and i realized i am utterly dependent on God now and that life is dead and meaningless without the Holy Spirit residing inside of me. i dropped instantly to my knees and started praying for Jesus to heal my broken heart and also to have the Holy Spirit guide my life again. if you get used to being overtaken by the Holy Spirit then when that spirit leaves and you are left alone inside the dead husk of a body that came from dust and will return to dust then it is an unbearable feeling of emptiness and meaningless to even exist. But we close ourselves off and we walk away from God. God doesnt give up on us. Although if someone is a nonbeliever and refuses to acknowledge God or invite God into their lives then God will often give people over to their sin and vices. Ultimately its a personal choice we all make as to which one we want to follow. Do we want to follow God or the dark one who only brings pain and decay and death? i prayed over it for two weeks until the Holy Spirit returned, until Jesus intervened and mended my broken, closed up heart, until the Holy Spirit gave me the protection i need as a servant of the lord under attack by demonic forces. My prayers were answered almost instantly. i just had to ask for the right things and know what to ask for help with. it was shocking really that the moment i asked Jesus to please heal me he instantly did. i was kicking myself that i didnt ask for help sooner. and i continue to work on my relationship with God and will continue until i have the Holy Spirit permanently inside of me again. i can not bare life any other way. When i was first baptized with the Holy Spirit it never left me for 20 years but i remember at first it burned inside of me, in my heart and my stomach, etc. it burned to the point of being painful but i quickly realized that was the Holy Spirit purifying me inside and burning away the darkness inside my heart from past abuse and bad relationships with others. i also had something called ecstasies that lasted most of the last 20 years and were perpetual, not ending. Being in ecstasy for 20 years without a break can be difficult but you get used to it and it becomes the new normal. If its taken away it can be much scarier than receiving it was in the first place. God takes away the Holy Spirit sometimes just to get our attention or tell us we are swerving off on the wrong path. If God didnt care i dont think he would teach those lessons to us. if i didnt belong to God and the Holy Spirit left me then i wouldnt care or notice a difference but because i belong to God then of course its all i notice. The Holy Spirit is what connects one believer to the next believer. That is why it says in the bible that we are One in Christ because we are One through the Holy Spirit connecting us to each other and One with God through the Holy Spirit and of course through Jesus Christ who is the only one who can connect us to God because God is perfect and we are not. Jesus is a go between that connects us to God. God is too perfect to connect to us without Jesus running interference because its because of Jesus that God can even relate to our human condition in all its complexities, with all of its pitfalls. Jesus made it ok for us to not be as perfect as God and still have hope to share a connection with our Creator. The Holy Spirit is the glue holding us all together and holding us in bondage to our Master which is God. This is how we have eternal life. All hell is is the absence of God and the Holy Spirit. God is love and life. All other unclean spirits are death. And you can tell the difference between Gods spirit and an unclean spirit by how rapidly the energy vibrates inside of you. If they are low vibrations its unclean. If its high vibrations and very loving and peace and warmth and even a stinging bliss then it is the Holy Spirit but the spirit manifests in different ways for different people. This is how it manifests for me, inside of me. im sure others have different perspectives but that is my experience with the Holy Spirit.

    • Thank u from me and God. What u wrote is exactly what I needed! God is smiling over u and I have happy tears!

    • Very cool. I enjoyed reading this.

    • You can quench the Holy Spirit (to a point where you do not feel Him) but He never leaves a believer.
      John 14:16
      And I will ask the Father, and he will give you another Helper, to be with you forever, (FOREVER it says).
      Ephesians 1:13-14
      who is a deposit guaranteeing our inheritance until the redemption of those who are God’s possession—to the praise of his glory.(GUARANTEEING it says).
      2 corinthians 1:22
      set his seal of ownership on us, and put his Spirit in our hearts as a deposit, guaranteeing what is to come.(again GUARANTEEING)
      Ephesians 4:30
      And do not grieve the Holy Spirit of God, with whom you were sealed for the day of redemption.(SEALED it says).
      Also a bit disturbed by your comment about the Father being too perfect and yet Christ is not? Because of what He did for us? All three parts of the Godhead are perfect and should be too pure for us. Christ’s perfect and righteous blood covers His servants. That is the ONLY reason we appear perfect to the Father but Christ going through the things man goes through does not make Him less than the Father.
      John 1:1
      In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God. (WAS God it says as in still is perfect and pure as God).
      The Word became flesh (Christ).
      With regard to the way He feels physically with me:
      Strong painless burning in my chest
      and tingling on arms, back, legs and head
      have had electric current up the back center (from neck to top) of my head
      Just to validate it being the Holy Spirit within: I died physically and God brought me back to life physically (I saw His righteous right hand)
      In His hands are the keys to death and hades
      For I am convinced that neither death nor life…..can separate us from the love that is in Christ Jesus.
      Not one of His sheep will be lost.

  16. laura murray says:

    Everytime I go to church and the minute I sit down I get an overwhelming feeling of love, I get chills and begin to cry!

  17. Cynthia Capetillo says:

    It felt like a warm blanket of love. I refer to it as the love blanket. It lasted for just a little while but I realize that if this is what God promises then I’m in. I want everyone to know and come to realize that God’s love is all you need and the joy is unimaginable. Words do not express what you feel and you know that God’s love is all you need. Ever day I ask God to help me be filled with love and joy in my life regardless of what is happening. I want all people to know this love and feel this joy. It heals, brings peace and happiness. I look forward to God’s Kingdom when this will be the norm and not the exception. God’s blessings be with all of us.

  18. The holy spirit fills you with warmth and a tinging feeling a calm and peaceful feeling.

  19. Stephen west says:

    His presence feels so wonderful its like a good chill that runs throughout your body…but in a possitive way you know?

  20. I felt it once , I was filled with anxiety and couldn’t sleep for weeks , I decided one night .
    I’m going to be awake anyway so I’ll pray and pray for peace. I felt a strong fierce pressure enter my chest and Heart , no pain then a warm calming throughout my whole body.
    Next thing I knew it was morning and I felt incredible !! Thank you my Lord , I want you back so badly , please please tell me how to get back to you !!

  21. I experienced something similar a few months ago, my hair felt senged when I left service. My feet were on fire, my whole body was warm. .it’s like the Holy Spirit went through me from my head to my feet.. I googled the experience, that’s how I found yours.

  22. I was on my knees tonight in prayer to the Lord. I felt a wonderful cool gentle breeze around me and felt His hand holding my right hand. I tested the spirits as I do. I literally felt Him with me. I surrendered everything to Him- me, my life, my family, my sons and daughter and grandchildren. I’ve been in prayer for my daughter and just sensed the Lord telling me he was with my daughter. My daughter texted me and told me she had a sense of overwhelming joy and gratitude for God and her family! I believe He visited her too at the same time. He is an amazing God and I felt so humbled, priviledged and blessed to have Him as my best friend and just to be in His wonderful presence. He is DEFINATELY REAL! Praise His wonderful blessed name!

  23. Back in 2008, I had what I like to call a year of God. I was seeking Jesus with my whole heart and felt the unconditional love, warmth, and the awesome God he is. I felt like I could reach out and touch Him. A spiritual friend of mine told me to enjoy it as I am a “young” christian and God is teaching me who He is through the Holly spirit. She said that the Holly Spirit will always be with me, but there will be a time again I will not feel it as strong as it is now. At the time, I told her this feeling will NEVER end and she just smiled.

    About a year and a half later I no longer felt the same way and perhaps it is because I was out of the seeking stage and now I was to show faith even though I could not feel God constantly as I did before. I still believe in God and know He is in me forever because Jesus died on the cross for my sins. I still have an occasional “God Moment” of peace and tranquility beyond understanding. I would like to rewind the clock and feel like I did that year and I even tried things to “get it back” even though it actually didn’t leave, it’s a different stage of learning through Him.

    I may never have the full feeling I had in the beginning as I was learning of His magnificence and there might be certain times when you will no longer have the Holly Spirit feeling as strong as it is now and that is okay. My posting is to let those who have felt the overwhelming sensation of God Living in You and then no longer feel it at certain points in your life, it does not mean that He is not there and He has vowed never to forsake or leave us. It does not mean you are no longer a Christian or you necessarily have walked away or you have some sin in your life that you can’t feel it anymore. It just means that there are seasons and certain learning stages in God’s journey. I hope this helped someone who googled “how to get the Holly Spirit to return”.

    Enjoy God’s Journey in Every stage and thank Him for His teaching through the Holly Spirit.

  24. Hi! My experience is this: from a time since now I’m starting to walk with God and try to let Him take over my life. I’ve noticed that whenever, not sure all the times, I read the Bible I feel like cold and chills in both my arms and sometimes like today on my legs and my body starts like twitching like right before one goes to sleep, I hope you know what I mean. I really don’t not but I Hope it’s the Holy Spirit, because almost everybody describe Him as fire. Maybe I just have to trust and let go whenever I feel that. What you think?

    • Hey how are you yes its like a warm feeling. I get so hot to where its amazing especially when i began to speak in tongues i sweat badly …but if your feeling cold chills thats the enemy…and you should pray and ask the holy spirit to take over. The holy spirit is wonderful to have you’ll know because peace and happiness follows it

      • I disagree. The Holy Spirit can send tingles/chills/shivers as much as burning. I feel both at different times and I know that I am sealed, physical death showed me that I am His. I felt a chilly presence attached behind me before I died and when I was dead. During these times I had no fear, only peace. Please do not say things you do not know for certain because it can mislead young followers.

    • I think god works with people in diffrent ways and as others have said we are supposed to trust him I have felt heat in church before my mom says she has felt chills Ive noticed when he moves through me I have felt thirsty after it was over and I think that maybe a symbolizom that we are supposed to thirst for Him. I know that healing of our physical bodies is in the atonement as well as our forgiveness of sins. Hopes this helps. God Bless

    • Andy, I can relate. I get a cold shiver with an extreme sense of goose bumps when praying or reading The Bible or when meditating on the greatness of Jesus Christ.

      I have not felt a renewing or burning warmth as described here. The Lord has blessed me exceedingly however I must confess my past is dark. There have been encounters with evil things though this has been many years ago. Hard to forget and also hard to believe.

      I pray we come into understanding when The Lord sees it good.

    • Carlos Castro says:

      I had the same experience, friend. I asked Jesus to help me see the difference between the Holy Spirit and the enemy – my prayer was answered.

      It started with prayer. I was in spiritual hell, or death…I started to read the bible and pray daily. And I should add my family was also praying for me. I began to see things symbolically. I saw many errors in my ways. Then on night I felt like i was having a heart attack. Heart was racing, I was sweating, but I was not afraid. The next morning I felt renewed.

      I want to add that my life began to unravel when the Holy Spirit accepted me. I felt compelled over a 2 week period to leave my job where I was for 6 years (corporate) and made a very decent wage. I doubted my entire life style, perspective and much more.

      I still had sin in my life though. And I felt much conviction. This I knew and in His greatness he revealed the error of ways to my family and myself; it exposed my ways.

      [Holy Spirit Blasted many Demons out of my life before my eyes]

      //On my way to work one day, I felt an ominous presence, but i was not afraid, just aware. I had feelings that maybe I could do good in a job that symbolized all that is wrong. And up until lunch, I felt like I was doing a great job…after lunch, I felt slightly sick in my belly and i left work early (I didn’t know this was my last day working there). When I got home, I had a fiery burn on my left side, tingling in my hands and fingers(much more intense than the 1st night i felt this powerful feeling); it ran from head to toe.Me heart was racing; it felt like my heart was literally on fire; like god had touched my bosom. At this point, I was trembling, hot and burning all over.

      Most of what happens after was fragmented. Through my body, God reveled to my family, that demonic forces were choking my daughter and my spiritual growth- demons that had plagued me from childhood. After 3 hours of me reading the bible, and praying with my family, the sensation left me and I felt utterly tired and spent. After that day, our family hasn’t been the same. Each of us had a revelation that day that has changed our purpose in life. Our lives have changed and we are repulsed by our old ways and feel renewed with hope, even though we dint know what we will be doing in the days and years to come.

      [demonic influenced days]
      When I was in despair, I had many doubts about Gods promise was, and of Gods grace through Jesus Christ. I had many feelings and visions of hopelessness, fear, confusion, and anger. Physically, I was very cold- freezing hands feet and my teeth were chattering and trembling and I was so depressed and worried. My daughter and mother were in same house and felt hot…In addition, I felt pain in my back; it was like a claw pulling on my spine. And I was constantly writhing in pain, as if I was trying to shake somethings off my back; it was so scary.

      [Holy Spirit blessed days]
      Felling hot, hands are clammy, feelings of bliss and confidence. Clarity of scripture and purposeful prayer. Joy of life and hope for all eternity.

      These feelings come in intervals. One day good, and the next bad. Mom and daughter were observing this transformation. they said I was an emotional roller-coaster.

      I have much more If you ask, I can explain, but that covers what I witnessed in regards to the hot and cold feelings and what my heart compelled me testify in this post.

    • Ronald Isaacs says:

      I felt the Holy Spirit two times during the Women’s Conference, Friday night and Saturday afternoon. The preacher called us to come forward so she could laid her hands on us. They were many people in line so I decided to went back to my chair. I cried and prayed to God while I was alone. I prayed deeply and asked Jesus to receive His Holy Spirit. Then suddenly, I felt a fire burning deep within me in my chest and in a deepest part in my heart that produced a strong and very powerful energy starting from my feet running to my whole body and my hands. I felt that my clothes lifted up because of the fire coming from the inside and to the outside of my body. I screamed very loud and then my body was shaking badly until I fell off the chair but I did not the feel the hurt. I cried and said Jesus Jesus is Lord. I asked God to help me because the Holy Spirit and Fire was very strong, I tried to control my body but I couldn’t resist it. One woman came to check on me if I was ok, when she touched me her hand started shaking badly and then she was wailing. Then two women came on me and prayed over me after few minutes they both screamed very louad and cried at the same time. It was tremendously and a great power from God’s presence that first time I experienced. The next day,I filled with the Holy Spirit and with Fire, I began to speak with other tongues for half hour. I read the bible in Matthew 3:11, it says, I indeed baptized you with water unto repentance: but He that cometh after me is mightier than I, whose shoes I am not worthy to bear: He shall batize you with the Holy Ghost, and with Fire. Acts 2:3-4, suddenly a sound like that of a violent rushing wind came from heaven, and it filled the whole house where they were staying. And tongues, like flames of fire that were devided , appeared to them and rested on each one of them. Then they were all filled with the Holy Spirit and began to speak in different languages, as the Spirit gave them ability for speech.

  25. When I received the Holy Spirit, my faith sky rocketed more than ever. I’ll never forget it. During my Freshman and sophomore year, I would get crippling depression episodes that would happen once or twice a month. During those nights, I would feel worthless and unloved. I would want to die. I heard that if I killed myself though, I would go to hell. My faith and my relationship with Jesus and God had gone way too far during my nights of depression preceding that night that I didn’t want to risk it. A few years before that, I had heard from one of my old teachers at my old Christian school that God had a plan and a destiny for us if we followed his will. I wasn’t sure if this was true, but I needed a reason on this earth to stay here because I wanted to be in heaven more than anything else. I had an intense yearning to be with God in his embrace, and feel his love on a more physical scale. I trusted him more than anyone else (I still do). I asked him, desperately to have a more “physical” reason to stay here, and desperately attempting to make the pain go away one way or another, “God, if you have any huge plans for me to help you make the world a better place, if you have a purpose for me, then take away my depression, at least for the moment. If you don’t have any big plans for me, if I’m just some random, purposeless person you made, just roaming the earth… Then let me be with you.” I wasn’t expecting him to kill me, but I wasn’t expecting him to respond in the way that he did either. Not even a millisecond after I finished my prayer, I felt a sudden wave of peace and love start from my toes, and reverberated through my entire body. The feeling of peace and love was so overwhelming and immense that it was undescribable. No worldly source could have caused it. Picture (if you can) the feeling of tranquility, warmth, and security that you would have whe you were younger when your mom would tuck you in at night. Picture the feeling of vulnerability, yet security and the strong feeling of being loved that you would get in a best friend’s embrace as they are trying to comfort you. Multiply that by a thousand maybe ten thousand. Not even this description can describe enough or even scratch the surface of how immense that sudden wave was like. I felt like I wasn’t alone in my bed. I could almost physically feel like I was in a strong benevolent force’s embrace; it definitely wasn’t anything human. The amount of weight and pain from my depression that I had before that moment would have taken HOURS of crying to even get close to any kind of mollification, if any at all, and I would still end up crying myself to sleep. But when that flood of warm emotions hit me, the crying immediately stopped. I wasn’t sad anymore. I had wisdom about God that I never had before that moment, and I felt so comforted, loved, and at peace that with in a minute, I was sound a sleep, feeling so thankful for my God. For years, I had wondered what God had done to me that night, but now I’m sure. He had officially given me the Holy Spirit, and my life has never been the same again. My depression hasn’t gotten that low ever since, and I am more determined than ever to follow his will. My faith is stronger than it had ever been, and I’ve devoted my life to to him more than I ever had before. The gratitude that I have for him, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit is so strong that nothing that I can humanly give and do for them can possibly express how grateful I am for what they’ve done for me, and having them in my life.


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